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WatchSeries is a very popular, worldwide known streaming platform. If you've been watching tv series online in the last 10 years then you must heard at least one time about our website. There are millions of people who are visiting us and we think it's almost impossible for somebody to never heard about this platform. Even so, we've written this article because we are still receiving questions from people who are curious about WatchSeries and here you can find some answers. WatchSeries is one of the oldest platforms which is offering a huge variety of movies and tv shows online for free in high quality and there is no need to sign-up, to pay anything and you won't be bothered by any annoying pops and ads because we are not using any advertising. Just like you, we used to watch movies online on the streaming sites more than 10 years ago when almost nobody knew about premium platforms like Netflix and even if we knew about it, it was too expensive and there was too little content there. In our opinion, it's the same thing in the present and you should't pay an expensive subscription for on a streaming platform while you can watch everything you can imagine on a free site like WatchSeries. Returning, we used to watch movies and series online but we were kinda disappointed about the video quality that the majority of sites were offering and we started to think about creating our own platform where we can provide only high quality tv shows without asking for anything in return. That's how WatchSeries begins. The first year was quite rough because we were beginners but along the time we started to figure out how the streaming platforms work, we improved our site, automatized a big part of the process of publishing an episode, upgraded the quality of the files and here we are after a decade: still alive after so many problems, up and running and one of the most popular sites in the world.

Most Important Characteristics of WatchSeries

The seniority. We know there are some new sites that are offering a great quality, like CipFlix or others, but you can never compare a website with more than 10 years of experience in the online streaming industry with a newbie, no matter how great it looks or works. It's been more than a decade since we first start uploading movies and tv shows online free and nobody can take this experience from us. We have millions of fans worldwide and none of them has been ever disappointed by WatchSeries because we are constantly offering high quality movies and episodes and we are not neglecting none of the aspects of a great streaming site like quality, loading speed, user experience and so on.
The design. Being online for a very long time also means we've changed our design and interface for a few times since then. We always want to be updated and we are using the latest technology. Even if WatchSeries is old, we are not obsolete at all. Our design theme has been created just a few years ago and we've permanently made custom modifications on it to keep it updated with the newest features and we try to offer our visitors the best user experience while watching movies and series on our platform. We are using our own custom logo and color scheme so you can't confuse the website with others, all the important buttons have been placed in handy spots, there are two search forms that can help you to find the content more easily and many other features of our interface that are waiting for you to discover them, just take a look on WatchSeries.
The database. In all these years of activity in the online streaming industry we managed to build one of the biggest collection of movies and tv series that you will ever see on a free streaming platform. This database includes 12.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes which are absolutely huge numbers if you keep in mind that all of them are available for free and we have worked for years to gather all this content under the same roof without asking for a single penny from our visitors.